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Dirt 4 Rally Locations

nystedt88nystedt88 Member Unleaded
edited February 2017 in DiRT Rally - Suggestion Box
Which would locations u want the most?

Dirt 4 Rally Locations 50 votes

SamRWDdani211212laffcliffgamerz 4 votes
Safari Rally
Kenny1962ProtorayPorkhammerPTunerFedemaisonnaveHaris33guilibo4MouingWRCSpacepadrilleBritishBiscuitAIPacinoHikikomoriGamerveewee99WhiteWagonLordJunkAntoni1985paug200maxai93TozeriFINDstates 23 votes
KingOfCoinsdrkiesbett 2 votes
cjl9KaRallyDarraghLynchDanielsVJulo264Lynx2000SepponaattoriAntoni1985therufus37DjrhinoB3nnyGrillzGarry50CatBadders 13 votes
BigsurWR4ITH66WolfHeRiznick 4 votes
NickJackPTlskillStaatsfeindNr1wfwr26 4 votes


  • RodgerDaviesRodgerDavies Member Champion
    Dunno, I'm hoping for UK, USA, Australia, Spain and Sweden myself. Fingers crossed!
    Put the Stratos back in H2 please!!!
  • veewee99veewee99 Member New Car Smell
    edited February 2017
    Safari Rally
    Absolutely Finland! Ouninpohja and some special stage like Harju, and of course modern cars. Greetings from Finland!
  • WR4ITH66WR4ITH66 Member New Car Smell
    be nice if codies would let us mod the ground textures etc we could have rallys from all over the world !
  • NarzugonNarzugon Member Wheel Nut
    Greece was my favorite from DR. Would also like to see any of the above.
  • DjrhinoDjrhino Member New Car Smell
    I would like to see a lot more variety in locations as I'm sure every dirt fan out there would so if you can codemasters please make it happen through a patch we can download be much appreciated. also if we can have more variety with your stage as in been able to twist the stage the way we want and to be able to adjust the hight of the track. Please please please make it happen
  • gtmissiongtmission Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2017
    Monte Carlo or Corsica are mythics and on very technical asphalt road
  • Chewy234Chewy234 Member New Car Smell
    Would love to see an Irish rally stage possibly Donegal rally 
  • B3nnyGrillzB3nnyGrillz Member New Car Smell
    Ireland gets my vote, the stonethrowers national rally for one, there's plenty of good stages.

    Irish ralling is shown on motorsport tv well worth viewing.
  • KaRallyKaRally Member New Car Smell
    edited October 1
    Ulster Rally was my favorite rally in Rally Championship 2000 (anyone remember this game?)
    There is no northern Ireland to choose, that's why I voted for Ireland, I'm sorry if I offended someone  ;)
  • NightswipeNightswipe Member Unleaded
    Of those mentioned in the OP I think Japan & China would be a nice change to see. 
    My favorite in Dirt Rally was Finland however.
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