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FUSION F1 Season 16 (PC)

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Hi there,

We are about to start our 16th Season on Codemaster's F1 games.

Race Week Information
We like to run as close to real life as possible and where relevant and so we have open practice on Monday, Wednesday and Friday just before the race. These sessions are noted as FP1, FP2 and FP3 respectively and begin at 20.30CET on Monday and Wednesday and 19.30CET on Friday.

Qualifying begins at 20.30CET on Friday and the race follows straight afterwards. The race length is the full 100%, the time settings is set to official and the weather is dynamic. This allows a lot of different strategies, especially with the three tyre compounds available. We also use the strict corner cutting system and have a fully operable penalty forum where incidents can be discussed in a fair and mature environment. Parc ferme will be on and the AI difficulty will be set to master just in case you disconnect.

We have a fully working plugin on our website that records and tracks individual drivers statistics. 

More information can be found here:

If you've read it all and want to sign up, then please, go ahead and sign up at this link.

We are aiming to get a 22 player grid going. We will be able to do multiple divisions should there be a large demand.

Add me on steam, ramdrop.

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