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Codriver and pace notes

ferlandferland Member New Car Smell
it would be interesting to change the number of the notes, lets say that you are fighting for the first place and you need your codriver more aggressive i would like to go to settings and select an option and the codriver read the road faster and more aggressive (telling you the corners that where level 4 in corners level 3 or deep cut or stuff like that) and when you have a big margin to win to be more calm and smooth.

I also would like to see more group A cars.. like toyota corolla, mitsubishi lancer evoVI, etc.

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Codriver and pace notes 2 votes

WhiskeyBadger 1 vote
jamieeng 1 vote
i dont care


  • LordJunkLordJunk Member New Car Smell
    Not voting yourself?
    I sure would be interested in more options for the Co-driver calls... I opened a new Topic/Suggestion, to have a friend be the Co-driver giving calls, or having the opportunity to set the calls yourself.
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