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steve00oa515steve00oa515 Member New Car Smell
edited February 2017 in Off-topic Discussion

it would appear i am getting copyright strikes from 'Formula One Management' despite this disclaimer.


  • haydn23haydn23 Member Team Principal
    If you use any skins, like the martini Williams, FOM will tend to claim that. But it is known to happen, because it happened to Tiametmarduk on multiple occasions.
     Here's one of them :
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  • R4pp3rR4pp3r Member Race Steward
    edited July 2017
    Its just a show off move with FOM getting a hard on... "were all for the fans" well stop taking away what we actually want i.e v8 or v10 engines, the right to view what the heck we want when we want the right to be able to watch past f1 races without it being the size of a playing card on youtube
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