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F1 2016 slipstream bug

After the last patch that fixed tyre wear, in our  league ( PS4 ) we observed that if you are behind a car under slipstream and even with open drs you will not gain any speed and so you can't overtake the guy in front. it doesn't happen everytime but when it happens it just kills the race because you really can't overtake anyone, especially in tracks like spa or monza   ( where we noticed this bug) . did anyone else notice this ? 


  • DaniBereznayDaniBereznay Member Unleaded
    Yes, we also noticed it, its really discusting. (PC) 
  • WorntoathreadWorntoathread Member, Drivers Team Principal
    edited February 2017
    @Lozzy this happened to me in the league yesterday for the first time on PS4, hugely frustrating. I was running 7-7 wings and the guy in front 7-6, yet he kept driving away from me on the straights even when I was right on his tail in the slipstream with DRS open and rich mix, making it impossible to overtake. Strangely this wasn't a problem in the first stint where I was able to pass him multiple times. It felt like the effect of slipstream/DRS was non-existent for me suddenly after a pitstop earlier.

    Some footage in this vid @2:19:40 , @2:36:50  and @ 2:38:02, problem visible on both DRS straights.

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