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[Xbox One] Perfect settings for Fanatec CSL Elite on Dirt Rally ?


i searched on the web for a settings of the Fanatec CSL Elite, to obtain a good FFB, but all what i found is PC configuration with settings that doesnt exist on Xbox, or very old thread talking about others fanatec wheels.

when the game came out, the fanatec csl elite didn't existed, so it was not supported. And it seems devs didn't added its support because when i play with it, its name is not displayed in game. But as this is almost the same as the CSW V2, maybe if i apply settings of the CSW V2, it would works pretty well ?

i would need someone who have CSW V2, so he could give me the ingame settings for this wheel :)

Furthermore, i tried to find a good settings, but there is many variables, so please if you have a good combination of ingame settings, and wheel settings itself, post it here (if you have a CSL Elite of course, or a very similar wheel like CSW V2)

thanks !
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