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Please, enable DS4 accelerometer based controls!!!

Driveclub was really poor in graphics, but had a GREAT feature for VR immersion, you can use the DS4 controller as a steering wheel by using the accelerometer. I know many people has console wheels for playing, but this control method is a MUST for Dirt VR. The immersion can't be the same without it. Turning the controller is muuuuuuch more natural than using a stick to turn, you don't need to give small pushes to just turn a littler, you can just turn the controller a little.

Please, please, please, enable that way of controlling all your racing games! Specially if they are VR enabled!


  • SuisomanSuisoman Member New Car Smell
    Same here. I have no idea why cm does not prioritise this. For this price i expect developers to enable standard ps4 features.hope its not an influence of the wheel manufacturers.
  • Sylvano60Sylvano60 Member New Car Smell
    This Is the best with psvr ... No too place and simple handle
    update As son as Possible
    thank you codemaster
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