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Tilt to steer with Dualshock 4 for Dirt Rally VR on PS4


I had recently bought the VR add-on for Dirt Rally, but I'm disappointed at the moment as I cannot find an option anywhere for steering via tilting the controller (you can do this in Driveclub) - as the DS4 supports this thanks to its in-built motion sensor. Is there an option somewhere that I have missed? Or is it not a feature? It would be greatly appreciated if it could be implemented in Dirt Rally if it currently isn't.


  • BigWhiteyBigWhitey Member New Car Smell
    Any help, anyone? I'm not sure if the devs read these forums.
  • SirPhilMcKrakenSirPhilMcKraken Member Champion
    Its not a feature in the game                                
  • BigWhiteyBigWhitey Member New Car Smell
    Its not a feature in the game                                
    Thanks for the reply. That's awfully disappointing though. I just don't feel immersed in the game at all at the moment (as a result, I've only played the VR version twice - for five minutes each time), and I think that the lack of tilt to steer is the reason why. I hope that Codemasters will add it in soon, because it does wonders for immersion in Driveclub.
  • AndreVreyAndreVrey Member New Car Smell
    I hope the devs take note. It should be really simple to implement and it would add a whole new dynamic to the game. The tech is there, just patch it :smile: Cheers
  • BigWhiteyBigWhitey Member New Car Smell
    I really hope it's added in. But I've tried reaching out to Codemasters, and they're dead silent on the issue.
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