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DiRT 4 Road Book – 17/02/17 | Codemasters Blog

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imageDiRT 4 Road Book – 17/02/17 | Codemasters Blog

Well hello there! It’s been a couple of weeks since our last Road Book, so welcome back to our DiRTy little corner of the internet. We’ve (just about) calmed down following the awesome high of announcing DiRT 4, and we’re back in the office and ready to crack on with making the game.

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  • JustabodJustabod Member New Car Smell
    Any news on what wheel set ups will be supported with Dirt 4 on PS4 yet? If I do dump my Fanatec set up as expected then Dirt 4 could force my hand a bit sooner as I don't want to be left with a wheel and pedals that isn't supported come release day.
  • AIPacinoAIPacino Member New Car Smell
    edited February 2017

    1. Are you able to incorporate more rally locations using Your Stage (like Monte Carlo, Finland, etc) or is it impossible to see a full rally calendar on your games unlike CMR?
    The need of a full rally calendar is huge in DiRT Rally and the championships organized by the communities are handicapped because of that. This applies to DiRT 4 even more since it has one less rally than in DiRT Rally.

    2. Will we finally see this class in its full glory in DiRT 4? (http://i.imgur.com/EEZDj7h.jpg)
    The picture was from DiRT Rally when people were requesting cars to be added. We don't know if you're keep the Focus and the Impreza from 2001, but with the Lancer already confirmed, you'd only have to bring the 206 and the Xsara.

    We're not sure what's the reason behind the beef between CM and Toyota but a Corolla in that 2000s mix would be awesome, since it competed directly with the Focus and the Lancer in 1999 before they retired from WRC.

    3. Not really directly related to the game, but related undirectly to your future rally games: How can you obtain the license to get the official stages from DR back in, as well as the rest of the calendar like you're doing? Is this a question of money, popularity, reputation? Can crowdfunding work this matter? We're tired of seeing shady games being released with the WRC license while you guys are forced to butcher your game's content and quality due to license restrictions. We want you to be in charge of the main rally scene because you're the only ones who can do it properly since CMR series, with the exception of RBR's game. It's a shame that no matter how much money we want to throw at you, it always comes back with the license restriction bs. Having a "WRC" gamemode in a DiRT game like you've done with the rallycross incorporation would be the perfect choice because it would allow you to keep the branding of the game as well as the other iconic cars.

    Best Regards
  • MichaelEasterMichaelEaster Member New Car Smell

    1) How does your stage work? will we be able to recognize the same corners used over and over again? will it feel like we haven't seen the same corners again? When the stage is generated is it like putting puzzle prices together or will it be dynamic and flowing, also how big are the 'pieces of track'

    2) will force feed back have feeling in dirt 4 compared to Dirt rally? previously it felt like the steering wheel was not even connected to the wheels or the track.

    3) Will the cars have too much grip compared to real life? in dirt rally tarmac stages the cars would feel glued to the road and have very little traction loss, the only way was at high speed or hand braking.

    4) in dirt rally when the car was stopped anywhere in a stage the handbrake would auto apply, can this be an option to turn off?

    5) How is the simulation improved? previously in dirt rally the cars had no suspension roll or weight transfer under braking or acceleration. braking was also too powerful on gravel, can this be fixed?

    6) is it easy for you guys to change values to make cars more realistic or is it hard coded into the game? for example i remember editing the files in dirt rally EA and changing tire grip levels.

    7) in dirt rally when you put the car into a slide the sidewalls of the tire slow the car down, in my opinion it is too strong and stops the car from being to be in a slide in a realistic predictable way.

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