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A grid game with handling like dirt rally

human1101human1101 Member Wheel Nut
To me if the handling model and physics from dirt rally or dirt 4 with the tracks and car choices of grid 2 and grid 1 would be perfection, i dont know how well it would sell but i know i would buy it, maybe it could be done in early access like dirt rally was to test its commercial viablility before making it a numbered grid game
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  • scottishwildcatscottishwildcat Member, Drivers Champion
    The tarmac handling in Dirt Rally is the worst thing about it (compared to the handling on the other surfaces), so I'm not convinced making a whole game out of it would really work for me. 
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  • Oscar97Oscar97 Member Pit Crew
    I don't see why anybody would buy a Grid 4 that is a simulator when you can just buy Assetto Corsa and use mods to add cars and tracks.
    Grid 1 was an arcade racer with a realistic setting. I'd honestly rather have a game like that than another asphalt racing simulator to clutter the market.
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