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JariicJariic Member New Car Smell
Hi, I have bought a disc of Colin McRae DiRT and I have leaflet style piece of paper saying "FREE UNLOCKS".
Further down the page it says "Register your game at www.codemasters.co.uk/dirt"

But, when entering that URL it directs back to the main page of Codemasters.
Since the game is old has the /dirt URL been removed and has this offer ran out?
If these "Free unlocks" have cars/tracks that can't be unlocked in the game I would 
to be able to have them, otherwise, it doesn't matter as much.
I have proof of purchase if that is needed.

I highly doubt that this offer is still valid, but since I bought the game I would like to know :smile: .
If anyone can help me with this it would be highly appreciated.

Thank you 

Edit: sorry I posted it in the wrong discussion.

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