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Dirt Rally VR on PS4

I have just purchased Dirt Rally VR from the Playstation Store but what has downloaded is the Dirt Rally non-VR version. Playstation support has run out of suggestions so has sent me to this forum for help. Has anyone else come across this issue?  Many thanks in advance.


  • Malssp2Malssp2 Member New Car Smell
    have you enabled VR mode in main menu for PLAYSTATION VR?
    I nearly missed that one ;)
  • RodrigoRealRodrigoReal Member New Car Smell
    I just bought the VR DLC for PS4 (direct from the PSN store) and the game doest work at all. I choose VR mode on the main menu and the game still ask me to buy the DLC. Even if I try to buy direct from the game,  a error message apperars. Anyone please can help me with this issue?
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