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Dirt Rally VR on PS4

I have just purchased Dirt Rally VR from the Playstation Store but what has downloaded is the Dirt Rally non-VR version. Playstation support has run out of suggestions so has sent me to this forum for help. Has anyone else come across this issue?  Many thanks in advance.


  • Malssp2Malssp2 Member New Car Smell
    have you enabled VR mode in main menu for PLAYSTATION VR?
    I nearly missed that one ;)
  • RodrigoRealRodrigoReal Member New Car Smell
    I just bought the VR DLC for PS4 (direct from the PSN store) and the game doest work at all. I choose VR mode on the main menu and the game still ask me to buy the DLC. Even if I try to buy direct from the game,  a error message apperars. Anyone please can help me with this issue?
  • BojankinsBojankins Member New Car Smell
    I'm having the same issue. If anybody knows how to fix this I'd greatly appreciate it. I've been fooling with this for three hours. 
  • DibiguaDibigua Member New Car Smell
    edited May 2017
    Good morning, have you found the solution to the DLC VR problem for PS4? 
    In my case (PS4 PRO, physical media and DLC purchase via PSN)
    it always displays the purchase message of the DLC and when selected
    gives error. Thank you

  • SaloioSaloio Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2017
    Same problem here, bought the dlc install it and don't work
  • CliveDullekCliveDullek Member New Car Smell
    Same prob too, if I select vr mode, nothing happens. Still waiting for unselect vr...
  • Jose29CRJose29CR Member New Car Smell
    I have the same problem :( I bought mi VR only for this Game, even though i paid 12 dollars for the VR Dlc, when im in-game it tells me to buy it! When i click it then says the content is not available in this moment! I want to play, i paid the money, come on Codies, we have feelings... Please help 
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