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Sponsors logos on helmets / more helmet customisation

Ryaaan36Ryaaan36 Member New Car Smell
I think it would be good to have your helmet in career mode decorated with the corresponding sponsors for the team you are with because I for one have OCD with not being able to create a helmet that can match with a team or teams car liveries. I also think it would be nice to have a 100% customisable helmet for example being able to put different shapes and sponsors logos in a helmet move them around change the colour/ the sizes of them etc. And also something similar to forza where there is a feature to download car designs why not have helmet designs created by people up for download so others can use them in their career and that can open up a section for popular creators and really make your career/character your own. This could also perhaps allow for more content as you could perhaps unlock sponsorship logos or new shapes to customise and add to your helmet for reaching different career milestones.


  • jeremyalmquistjeremyalmquist Member New Car Smell
    I agree completely. Also, have the wing on the helmet that it should have on the back. It does in the thumbnail for the laptop and when creating it. Also there is a small this part on the top of the visor that is not there.
  • peyt0n89peyt0n89 Member Pit Crew
    Yes, yes, yes. Helmet customisation should be much more fleshed out than it was in F1 2016, and I think you should be able to change your helmet after every season. I'm a total helmet freak, I always look more forward to seeing the new driver helmets than the cars themselves.
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  • Andrey9020Andrey9020 Member New Car Smell
    It would be desirable that it was, but I think that it will not be made :'(
  • haydn23haydn23 Member Race Engineer
    I would like to be able to have more customization. We would never be able to do sponsors FOM and the teams, aswell as there sponsors would just not want that. They pay the teams a lot to have their logo on the car, so they will want to make the most of that money as any business would want, they want their company to be more exposed. Custom helmets I would love tho!
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  • jpfguedesjpfguedes Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2017
    It could be come as an update to F1 2017! What Codemasters think about it?
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  • DEECODEECO Member Unleaded
    Yeah, I've gotta admit....the year is 2017. We have physics engines tweaked to 'simulate' a Formula 1 car. Games where you can fly spaceships. Games where you can do just about anything. Some car games where you can apply decals, paint, effects, etc to the cars themselves.

    Yet we still have the same helmets. I can't believe we can't design our own. I know it's small potatoes in comparison to a quality game.....but it can't be THAT difficult.

    This opinion voiced by a guy who can't code a single thing.
  • CofferCoffer Member Pit Crew
    PC players don't have these complaints :) Thank god for modding
    That's mostly reserved for those who are skilled at Photoshop and those who are willing to go with someone else's design, which isn't a lot of people.
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