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Racenet stats not updating?

ZenzicZenzic Member New Car Smell
edited December 2014 in GRID Games - Clubs

It would seem the stats on the racenet webpage are no longer updating. In the main multiplayer menu of Grid Autosport my level is 92. On https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/multiplayer-rankings however, my "all disciplines" level is supposedly 38. Same thing happens for other crew members.

Is anyone else noticing this as well? Is this issue known to Codemasters?


  • XoxFlukeXoxXoxFlukeXox Member Wheel Nut
    There are different levels for each discipline and then an overall level.  It might be that you're level 92 for one of the disciplines (e.g touring or street) and your overall level is 38.  In the multiplayer menu it shows the level for whatever discipline you're in at the time and not the overall level..... hope that makes sense. 

    Team NSR

  • ZenzicZenzic Member New Car Smell
    Hi, thanks for your response. The badge with level is shown as soon as I choose multiplayer in the game menu, before I start a lobby for a certain discipline. The fact that the badge is a pale color (aka not a discipline color) confirms this.
  • XoxFlukeXoxXoxFlukeXox Member Wheel Nut
    Hi @Zenzic‌ ;

    Please ignore my first post... you are right !  My overall level is 131 but on the racenet All disciplines leaderboard I am showing as level 92.  I'm on xbox, don't know if any other platforms are effected.

    @Loore is this simple to fix?  Thanks in advance.

    Team NSR

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