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[CAR & TRACKS]Toyota MR2 222D

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Toyota’s first attempt at making a competitive Group B car was with the Toyota Celica TCT. However, since that car was conceived when rear wheel drive was still the norm, it proved not to be competitive against its latter four wheel drive competitors. Furthermore, the FISA had announced the makings of a new Group S “prototype” class complementary to Group B. It took nothing else to convince Toyota to begin working on a new contender for both classes. They entrusted the project (which was code-named “222D”) to Toyota Team Europe (TTE).

Their new top contender would take on the image of Toyota’s new mid-engine sports car: the MR2. It is of no surprise since the top rallying competitors of the time also used a mid-engine layout. However, this very special MR2 shared very little with the production car less its exterior overall shape. 2 versions of the rally car were developed; one featuring rear wheel drive for tarmac rallies, and one featuring “Xtrac” four wheel drive (of rallycross fame) for all other types of rallies.

Furthermore, 3 different engines were reported to have been tested; a 2140cc “503E” LeMans GTP race engine (which might explain the “222D” moniker (MR2 + 2.2L engine), the 2090cc “4T-GTE” engine already used in the Celica TCT, and a rumored mystery V6 version. Power was reported to be around 600 HP for all versions and up to 750 HP was claimed to be available. The dry/unladen weight of the 222D was claimed to be around 750 KG (1650 lbs) which, paired with the 750 HP, would give it an insane 1 kilogram per horsepower figure.

Not much else is known about these prototypes since the project was obviously cancelled at the same time of Group B & S mutual demise. 11 prototypes were rumored to have been built, with many reportedly destroyed in crash tests, leaving 3 known existing examples. A black 222D made a surprise appearance at the 2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed. A pair of 222Ds were also displayed at the 2016 Eifel Rally Festival in Germany for the special 30th anniversary of Group B’s ultimate year (1986) but did not participate in the exhibition runs.

Car Specs are unknown for me :c

Car Images:


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[CAR & TRACKS]Toyota MR2 222D 4 votes

Yes, add Group S Toyota Prototype
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No, thanks
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  • VirtuaIceManVirtuaIceMan Member Race Steward
    No, thanks
    No, it's probably exclusive to Gravel, as it was part of the Loeb Rally Evo DLC and Millstone mention S class untaxed prototypes in their blurb.

    Actually, some Toyota might be exclusive to Milestone perhaps, as they have Celica too. :-(
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    No, thanks
    Can think of 50 cars I'd rather have first, so no thanks for me
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