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Bring Indycar Games Back From the Dead!

Im2Fast4U9Im2Fast4U9 Member New Car Smell
Personally over the years i have missed the old indycar games, yes i could go play forza or project cars but i want an indycar  game where i can play in CART, IRL, and the Verizon Indycar series. The game would do so well on a global market and would probably make more money than nascar heat evolution. I was looking at an old poll on this discussion site from 3 years ago and over 73% voted yes it would do well and only 31% percent said no. Imagine racing along side Alex Zenardi or young Helio castroneves and other heros. Imagine driving Cart's vs Dw12's at  indianapolis, sebring, road america, and etc. Codemasters please bring back Indycar games it would bring alot more revenue than you think it will and personally i still think the old 2005 game is better than forza motorsport indycars  JK, but the game is still fun. Feel free to leave you opinions on what you think or what you would like to see if Codemasters considered making an Indycar game. 


  • sminniearsminniear Member New Car Smell
    This is absolutely my favorite type of racing, and I agree with you 1000%!
  • Niv0rusNiv0rus Member New Car Smell
    Absolutely! A season of Indycars. All the tracks and cars. Why isn't it done already?
    F1 2016 is so well done, can't imagine what Codemasters could do for Indycar.

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