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T150 Problem

Basics123Basics123 Member New Car Smell
Hey, I got 2 T150 (1 is brand new) and I also bought a new ps4 today and F1 is still not working correctly with the wheel!

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  • Basics123Basics123 Member New Car Smell
    Why do i have no wheel weight !? Same problem for Dirt rallye fix your god damn games or answer my support!!
  • LozzyLozzy Member, Codemasters Champion
    Hi @Basics123 sorry you're having problems but that doesn't excuse your attitude in these posts.

    So, you have a Thrustmaster T150 and there is no wheel weight in F1 or Dirt Rally. That would suggest the problem is the wheel or how you've set it up rather than the games. Have you updated the wheel to the latest firmware? Have you checked the instructions for setting it up correctly and put it in to a PS4 mode if there is one?

  • Basics123Basics123 Member New Car Smell
    @Lozzy the firmware is updated.
    Its a new t150, i have two of them with the same problems and tested them on different consoles still had the same problems
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