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Colin McRae DiRT 2 Remastered for Next Gen consoles

m260602m260602 Member New Car Smell
So what do you think?Should Codemasters consider bringing back one of the great games of the series in PS4,Xbox One and PC? 

Colin McRae DiRT 2 Remastered for Next Gen consoles 12 votes

JackKeylikewiseDidzisLuke9931DanielSousa130MCJC13RMKIP455ipascal 8 votes
TURBODEVIN19VirtuaIceManImDyingYouIdiotSirPhilMcKraken 4 votes


  • DidzisDidzis Member Team Principal
    While I wish this happened, it probably won't, for the same reason you can't get it on Steam anymore - licencing
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  • VirtuaIceManVirtuaIceMan Member Race Steward
    I've already got it on PC :-p doesn't need remastering and there would be so many license issues it probably won't even be possible.

    Same for the ToCA Race Driver series.
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