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Can we get any word on tilt to steer support via Dualshock 4, for Dirt Rally VR PS4?

For those unaware of the feature, the Dualshock 4 controllers for the PS4 have a built-in accelerometer to track rotation. Driveclub VR (as well as non-VR games like Project CARS) use this feature so that you can 'tilt to steer' - and it's actually incredibly precise with little latency. It works very well in making an immersive experience in Driveclub VR.

For several weeks, myself and many others have been asking about this feature for Dirt Rally VR on PS4, as opposed to using the unprecise and unimmersive left analog stick to steer the car. We've been asking on this forum, on Reddit, and on the @codemasters and @dirtgame Twitter accounts. Yet there's been no word whatsoever; those forum posts, tweets etc are simply skipped over.

I can fully understand if Codemasters do not wish to implement the feature if they're focusing on Dirt 4, or if they actually tried it out in playtesting and it simply doesn't work (given that Dirt Rally is a more-comprehensive simulator than Driveclub VR). But could we please hear at least something? Even if it's a simple 'we aren't working on this feature, sorry'. The dead silence on the issue is incredibly disheartening.
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