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DiRT 4 - Party modes?

Reset96Reset96 Member New Car Smell
Hi, im writing here because I´m interested if  DiRT 4 is going to have party game mods such as Transporter, Cat'N'Mouse, Outbreak... as DiRT 3 has and it is still fun to play. Would be awesome to have it back in new game. Is there any info about it yet? So far I heard only about that Joyride is confirmed. I dont know if developers are reading this but anyways I would love to have this back :)



  • Reset96Reset96 Member New Car Smell
    I added topic into DiRT Games - General discussion. You can delete it from here, thx.
  • Racers24Racers24 Member New Car Smell
    why you want to remove your topic on the form 
  • Reset96Reset96 Member New Car Smell
    edited March 2017
    I posted it twice but it was already deleted so it is ok. But does anybody know the answer?
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