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slow motion whilst racing on 2016 formula one game

Hi was wondering if anyone can help me as I have been experiencing slow motion whilst playing my formula one 2016 game it started last week and it happens whilst I am racing if anyone can help I would be very grateful thankyou. I am playing the XBOX ONE version.


  • kraM1tkraM1t Member Co-Driver
    It's called frame rate drops lol                  
  • coolieboycoolieboy Member, Drivers Race Engineer
    Sadly ^^^this is true. Just a heads up you will also experience screen tearing, especially Canada sector 1.
  • LozzyLozzy Member, Codemasters Champion
    Hi @ianclarke when you say slow motion how slow and how long does it last for? The Xbox One will screen tear at times but I get the feeling you're describing something else.

    Making sure you've power cycled your console would be a good start if you have it in the always on state.
  • ianclarkeianclarke Member New Car Smell
    The slow motion i am talking about is when i am racing it looks like i am going round corners in slow motion and it has also started to do this on every track in the game it will do it when driving straight too but not always but it is ok when i am in the pits just want to know if it is a bug in the game or does it need an update as when i first got the game it was fine.
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