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OCD Boosting? GAS

ewanrees13ewanrees13 Member New Car Smell
Hi guys and girls,
I've noticed that OCD (OnlyCleanDrivers) has been rapidly catching up to poeple within the GAS club leaderboards and suspect boosting. Over recent hours they have easily managed to get approximately 500,000 xp+ which for a team with 7 members seems a bit extreme as well as this it appears to me that DjSpeedy76 and EvenJair2 are the main suspects due to thier rapid increase in the multiplayer leaderboards.
Remember this is my opiniion and i'm just wondering wether anyone else has noticed this or any other team doing similair.


  • RTAnoskillsRTAnoskills Member New Car Smell
    Good for them,  I wish them every success on their way to the top.  

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  • djspeedy76djspeedy76 Member New Car Smell
    Answer by ewanrees13.
    Hi I am DJSPEEDY76 club president OCD (Only Clean Driver), I can assure you that we never used tricks to score points and not my Club to use them but others !! Indeed, this is the result of a good cooperation between the members of the club. What to watch for would be the club EVO that when we meet him in the race we destroy the machines for us not to make points, also sending offensive. We specifically chose this name because we are players who do not use any kind of makeup. Unlike other players and clubs who use them.
    Your accusation is baseless and envy
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