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When we will know if we are selected as a beta testers?

I would like to know if I am selected or not, I think that @Lozzy or @jennyannem will make an entry telling us that the mails has been sended in order to check it, isn't it?


  • JP072JP072 Member Petrol Head
    Yeah there will be a message from them, last year they did.
    but when i don't know, i thought they say when the season has started, patience is needed guys!
  • cheech219360cheech219360 Member Unleaded
    Dont matter when to be honest the longer the batter. as long as we dont get 2015/2016 C*** again
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  • haydn23haydn23 Member Race Engineer
    I think maybe after the first race we will get it or duren that weekend. ik it's quite a long wait I can't remember how long it was last year, but it'll be around then I think
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  • pijinpijin Member Petrol Head
    Yeah, I'd think after the first few races so they can really put an accurate marker on car speeds. I'd guess we'll only get like 3 tracks, so maybe after the first three races, they'll give us the first three tracks, so that lap times are more accurate.
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