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Aussie Sim Racing Season 2 Sign Up NOW OPEN! (No assists & assists divisions) Xbox ONLY

xFitchoxFitcho Member Unleaded
edited March 2017 in F1 Games - Leagues
For Season 2, we are expanding into 2 divisions! Our top tier (F1) will be for players who use no assists other than racing line, while our second tier (F2) will be open to all assists. Races are 8pm (Melbourne/Sydney time) Sunday nights. You do NOT have to be Australian to race, everyone is welcome here! 
  • 8pm Sunday nights (Melbourne/Sydney time)
  • Weekly
  • Short Qualifying
  • 50% Race
  • Equal Cars
  • Formation Lap ON
  • Safety Car ON
  • Full vehicle damage
  • Dynamic weather
  • Parc Ferme ON
  • Corner cutting stringency: Strict (F1) & Regular (F2)
  • Assists Allowed: Racing line corners only (F1) & All (F2)
btw, we have Tiametmarduk racing with us

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