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DiRT 4 Road Book – 17/03/17 | Codemasters Blog

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imageDiRT 4 Road Book – 17/03/17 | Codemasters Blog

It’s Road Book time! On today’s agenda is one thing, and one thing only – and that’s DiRT 4. A few weeks back we asked you what you wanted to know about; in the last Road Book we gave you the lowdown on landrush, and this week’s specialist topic is… *drum-roll* Team Management!

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    Oh hell ye knowing that customisation is even better now. There is a problem... I want to play it sooner now
  • speedyboy420speedyboy420 Member New Car Smell
    Can we change the staff names/give them nicknames? In a house of 5 of us who all play DIRT it would be pretty funny for each of us to have a 'job' on the team
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