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F1 2015 New user, controller issue

driveslowdriveslow Member New Car Smell
Bought the game with great excitement only to be totally deflated by the inability to get my controller to work or for that matter to get anywhere with the game! :-(.
Could some kind sole please explain how to get a Logic3 controller to work with F1 2015.
I cannot believe that I would need to buy a new controller just because I bought a new game.

Thought Codemasters was a reputable company ... surely after the time that they have been going it is not unreasonable to ask for their games to work with common controllers. Using the keyboard is worse than useless as far as I am concerned!!



  • Racers24Racers24 Member New Car Smell
    i know your patient keyboard are more difficult to the use 
  • driveslowdriveslow Member New Car Smell
    Yes a keyboard renders the game useless!

    Please! ... someone must have an answer?
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