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Danish F1 league starting up (ps4).

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We are couple of guys, who have started a new Danish league up. We are searching for more people to join us.
We race ones a week (Monday 19:45) .So it doesn’t take all of your spare time;) .
Race setup will be:
Parc fermé is on.
Formation lap on.
Strict corner on.
Cars are of course equal.
Weather dynamic.
 Damage simulation.
And you can use full assist.
Our first race is Monday 27- 03 2017 at 19:45. (Australia)
Did this catch your attention, then contact me on facebook. “F1 2016 Danish League PS4”

 Best Regards Søren Oster / psn. Oster185 & Victor Klingsten  / psn victorklinsten.
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