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GRIS AUTOSPORT closes after around 15 minutes play

When I play grid autosport, after around 15 minutes the game close itself without any error message.
I tried several actions i found around the web without success (change graphic setting to lower value, run program as administrator, disable virus protection, uninstall/install game et....)
Any of you have a fix to that ???



  • DriverIssuesDriverIssues Member New Car Smell
    They - codemasters - have made Grid 2 (and from what I hear Autosport too) incompatible with pen input, as I found out when I recently added a Wacom board to my Windows 10 machine.

    The result is that the game crashes to desktop after a number of minutes of playing unless you disable like this (as seen on http://steamcommunity.com/app/44350/discussions/0/492379159707786772/)  : 
    Originally posted by Wicked Mouse:

    Click Search (next to your start menu) and search for "Services", Desktop app. There search for "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel" and stop the service. Done. Have fun playing GRID 2!

    P.S. this also solves the exact same issue with GRID: Autosport.

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