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5 Seats available in AFRL Division 3. Week night only, open to everyone

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When hundreds of leagues are fighting to have the biggest piece of the pie on the weekend racing simulation, we at AFRL ( http://afrl.boards.net/board/3/americas-f1-raging-league  ) are focusing on family life style reason why we are running races on week night only so our members can enjoy their weekend with their family and their friends. There is no contract or not restraint on any of our members and we don’t keep our members from racing in other leagues during the weekend. We even have members who are racing in 3 different leagues. Our goal is not to become the biggest F1 league on the site. Our goal is to have happy members. Fun, clean and exciting racing.

Yes we have rules. We even have stricter rules then other leagues  regarding respect, attendance and clean driving but we do not own people. We do not having exclusivity on anyone. We expect from a member who signed up in one of our leagues to attend to every races since he is taking one of our very limited seat available.

We are currently running 3 league and getting ready to start a 4th one since we recently having a lot of signed up.

Our leagues: Division 1:

Thursday 8 PM Eastern time  ( Full)


Division 2:

Tuesday 8 PM Eastern time  (Full)


Division 3:

Wednesday 6 PM Eastern time

5 seats available


If you want in go on our Forum and sign up today: http://afrl.boards.net/thread/12/ps4-f1-2016-sign-thread

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