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[PS4] Assists allowed community invitational.

TejuarrTejuarr Member, Drivers Unleaded
edited March 2017 in F1 Games - Leagues

PlaystationGL will be hosting and openly inviting all fellow online racing leagues who allow for assists users. 
This invitational goes out to European based Playstation 4 Championships such as PlaystationGL (PSGL), The Masters Championship (TMC), F1tsHub, and Apex Racing League (ARL).

The series will pit the finest racers from each leagues Championships against each other in a community celebration of the standard and quality of racers on show on the Playstation 4 who allow the use of assists settings, the first race of the series will be hosted by PSGL and will be available for all members of the Codemasters F1 Community to watch with stream with commentary as well. 

The race will go ahead on Wednesday the 29th March and will be streamed live and uninterrupted via commentators from each respective league taking part. 

For more information or how you can get involved please message myself via PSN at Tejuarr; alternatively you can contact me through www.PlaystationGL.com . 


  • TejuarrTejuarr Member, Drivers Unleaded
    Starts a week Wednesday, squads are now being announced for race 1 at Silverstone.
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