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Can somebody tell me the current state of R&D

I'm on the end of my first season and I really wanted to know how R&D works, does it reset after each season etc. While googling I found a lot of things that makes me want to stop playing completely. Apparently out of the 10 advertised season only 2-3 are functional and then every single car is basically equal, is that still the case, all information I found was like 6 months ago. How does it work? 


  • coolieboycoolieboy Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    What you saw is correct. After 3-4 seasons, team rankings start slowly heading back to the original pecking order. After 3 seasons with McLaren I put the game down. The career mode is decent but it really doesn't add anymore longevity to the game because of this.  So far, everything I've seen on the net seems to indicate that the focus this year will be on MP and the career mode will just get some minor tweaks. One thing for certain, I'm definitely going to be watching the reviews of F1 2017 before I buy it.  If the career is relatively the same as 2016 with tweaks to r n d points then I'm going to pass on the game.
  • deropkederopke Member New Car Smell
    Me neither, I just really got existed after watching youtube clips that career mode is actually good. I don't even play mp at all.
  • gray55gray55 Member New Car Smell
    edited April 2017
    i am at season 6   and no car development since season 3     and evryone has just about passed me in car development i am with Renault team   a real   Bummer
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