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Unable to invite friend to league

BbkobemanBbkobeman Member New Car Smell
My friend and I both have Dirt Rally for PS4, are friends on the PS4, and can see each other as friends within dirtgame.com since we both have race net accounts connected to our PSN accounts.  When I create a new league however, it shows up that I have no friends that I can invite to the league.  When he looks at his account, he can see me as a friend and when he creates a league he sees me in a drop down and it allows him to invite me.  But on my side when I try to create a league, it says that no friends are available.

Anybody have this type of issue and been able to solve it?  As far as I can see there is zero ways to actual contact code masters / racenet to get any kind of support.

PS> I really hope they fix racenet within Dirt 4 because this setup is worse than the crap that EA puts out, which is saying a lot.
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