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Quali tyre bug?

I have an issue with the starting tyre for the race. Since v1.06 when playing full qualifying, the tyre reg doesn't apply, so basically everyone is allowed to start the race on whatever set they want. Of course all settings should be correct, as I've checked them many times (parc ferme, etc.). I haven't read from anyone else about this, which is weird, but maybe I'm wrong.


  • LozzyLozzy Member, Codemasters Champion
    Hi @nikione14 double check that you have Parc Ferme rules enabled.
  • nikione14nikione14 Member New Car Smell
    Yes, it always has been on. If I revert to v1.0 it works properly; otherwise with v1.6,1.7 and now 1.8 it does not.
    Plus using short quali it is fine. It's as if Q3 would delete the data for tyres from Q2.
  • norfolkbluenorfolkblue Member New Car Smell
    is this online or offline? because online i have seen this a few times as well, but never offline. I think thats just a bug in the lobby so it shouldnt happen very oftern
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