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[FEATURE] Manual advance to next event in leagues

TheSkyfireTheSkyfire Member New Car Smell

I don't know, if I missed something similar, so please point me to the suggestion, if already added.
I'd like to add a suggestion regarding league handling. When setting up a season, I'd like to have the option to manually advance between events. It would be convenient to set up e.g. 5 events with the option to advance to the next event by button click, not only automatically, when the given timeframe is up. 
The reason for this is, that it makes it more flexible. We don't drive that often, so it spares a lot of time to just advance to the next event, when everyone is ready, instead of waiting another week. On the other hand, it gives everyone the chance to attend the event, even in a tighter personal schedule.
Yes, it's not realistic, but convenient :-)


[FEATURE] Manual advance to next event in leagues 1 vote

Add manual advance between events in season schedule
TheSkyfire 1 vote
Keep current mode of advancing by given time schedule
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