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PSF1 - F1 2017 Sign Up!

Swift747Swift747 Member Pit Crew
edited August 2017 in F1 Games - Leagues

PSF1 is now officially taking sign ups for the new game, out on 25th August. If you're getting the new game, and want to join a league, look no further. See details below on how to sign up! 

PSF1 - who are we? 

PSF1 is a fairly new league, first comprising of a few likeminded people back in late 2015 who simply wanted to race. Since then, the league has grown from roughly 12 drivers to now over 60 drivers and 3 separate tiers of racing. 

When do we race?

Our race days are always Sunday, and UK time based. Our highest tier, F1,races at 8pm, whilst our lower tiers, F2 and F3 race at 6pm. We will be starting a classic cars league and an F4 division on F1 2017. 

Why should you join? 

PSF1 prides itself of being extremely fun and extremely competitive, but also extremely simple. The league was created to suit a small community of people who wanted to race, and that's what we are about, racing! Pure and simple. Our community is one of the best on PS4 and we don't take ourselves too seriously. If you're looking for a place to race with fast fun and fair people, this is the place for you. 

How do i join?

I'm afraid I don't check back here very often, so please, if you wish to join, message me on PSN! My PSN ID is: NotPennysBoat17. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Check out our website too! - https://psf1.co.uk/
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  • Swift747Swift747 Member Pit Crew
    Looking for 2 new drivers to sign up, message me on psn if interested! 
  • progamer1234566progamer1234566 Member New Car Smell
    hi i would like to sign up for the legue
  • progamer1234566progamer1234566 Member New Car Smell
    my user name is progamer12345661 peace out mate

  • FinnZevoFinnZevo Member New Car Smell
    I would like to join my pan is DKGuiarStar
  • Tjabo007Tjabo007 Member New Car Smell
    ik ben wel benieuwd hoe ik info  over de competities kan krijgen. als je mij daar wat meer over kan uitleggen hoe ik mee kan doen graag.
    • j.Willems

  • Swift747Swift747 Member Pit Crew

    FinnZevo said:

    I would like to join my pan is DKGuiarStar

    I sent you a message on psn mate 
  • SuperNamekSuperNamek Member New Car Smell

    I would like to join your league

    My PSN: JordanDiamond
  • NickKramerNickKramer Member New Car Smell
    I would like to join your league, i am dutch so language is going to be a little issue. Driving with t150 wheel. I use some assist.... I hope that isn't a big problem. Racing level: between legend and ultimate. PSN: Compaq30
  • jaimarshall07jaimarshall07 Member New Car Smell
    I would like to join your league.
  • Maxer2003Maxer2003 Member New Car Smell
    I would love to join! My psn is: fifamaxim123
    I'm also the owner of the insta account f1.game where i could upload video's
  • Swift747Swift747 Member Pit Crew
    PSF1 is nearing the end of season 5 and will soon start preparing for season 6, which means we need some new drivers! 

    We are looking for roughly 8 drivers who can race clean and commit to 6pm on Sundays. The new season will start on 11th June.

    There's no better league to be in on a Sunday evening, so please, send me a message on psn if you're interested. 

    Psn ID: NotPennysBoat17
  • gungadin1892gungadin1892 Member New Car Smell
    i'd love to get in on this. Psn ID: gunga_din1892
  • SeanH29SeanH29 Member New Car Smell
    I would like to join
    Psn ID : RageGamingYT 
  • Tjabo007Tjabo007 Member New Car Smell
    ik ook wil ook graag mee doen aan wat online Formule1 wedstijden.

    • j.Willems

  • coolie6103coolie6103 Member New Car Smell

    I would like to join the league.

    My psn name is: coolie6103
  • verzuskingverzusking Member New Car Smell
    Psn: verzusking add me pls i want to real race
  • NicoloWLFNicoloWLF Member New Car Smell
    Hey I would like to join this league.  
    My PSN is Nicolo_WLF 
  • Cookemonster17Cookemonster17 Member New Car Smell
    Hi i would like to sign up for a league PSN Name is Cookemonster17 I drive on legend/ultimate
  • Swift747Swift747 Member Pit Crew
    Bit of a different request from me this time.. 

    Any commentators out there willing to commentate at 6pm UK time on Sundays? 

    If You are interested, please send me a link to any previous commentary you may have done, and ill check it out. 

  • Swift747Swift747 Member Pit Crew
    Sign ups for F1 2017 now OPEN! 

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