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Race Driver: GRID Audio issues crackling/popping sounds

Warioman1Warioman1 Member New Car Smell
Hi, I remember when I first bought the original GRID about 2 years ago eveything was flawless (I have Windows 7 64bit) no issues no anything. But since then I've had to do a reinstall of W7, but I have everything like it was updated drivers and everything. Although all sound is there, this time around (most noticeable on menus) there are slight popping sounds in the background that will sometimes get decently loud. It's now to the point where it's extremely annoying. I've got the newest version of OpenAL and my Realtek audio driver even tried tirning hardware acceleration On and Off nothing has helped and remember this used to not happen.

Any ideas on how to fix it? I would appreciate any suggestions to get this solved!

Thank You
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