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Hello L&G, i'm a f1 player who love multyplayer race, my english is not really, we as community f1line find a bug on the box entry, without the assist fox the pit limiter if u use the pause a little before the line you will not get the penality, for who play like me some f1 tournament it's pretty a big problem, i hope thats not gonna be on f1 2017 too :(


  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Co-Driver
    Translation: If you play with Pit Assist OFF, hit the pause button just before the pit line and let the AI drive you in without penalty.

    Personally I think the whole 'AI driver whilst in a menu' in a multiplayer session is a bit like Microsoft removing the W7 Start Menu; wrongheaded, doesn't promote or correct the behaviour it was supposed to, doesn't help those who don't use it AND opens up a whole raft of exploits (cheats).

    So what if console users disconnect from sessions because of their inability to correctly configure their equipment or the fact that their ISP bundles or sells them equipment that is unfit for purpose or inadequate in the first place? These users need removing from the online experience, primarily dragging it down for the rest of the users.

    Tl:dr - I agree with the OP, I hope you don't carry any of the bugs forward that you left unpatched in this game.
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