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AFRL - America's Formula 1 Racing League

ForemostForemost Member New Car Smell
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Welcome to AFRL Racing!

Looking for newcomer and veteran drivers to compete in our America's (North, South, Central) league.  We have a season starting in just 2 weeks! Currently have 14 drivers, looking to fill 6 spots in our D1 league.  We also have a D2 league for new comers who are looking to learn.  Only looking for America's drivers right now for D leagues.  We are looking for European drivers in our ROW (Rest of World) leagues.  We currently have 1 looking to expand to 2. Our number 1 policy is respect!  We respect all of each other and try to race clean. 

Race Schedules :

D1 - Thursday's 9 PM (American CST time)

D2 - Tuesday 7 PM (American CST time)

ROW 1 - Tuesday 7PM (American CST time)


Please visit : http://afrl.boards.net/board/4/f1-2016-sign - TO SIGN UP

D2 has just started with a new season, looking to fill some spots for our amateur championship!  Current Standings.

Season 2 opener :


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  • Ch4p4rroCh4p4rro Member New Car Smell
    Hi I want to sign up but your webpage link doesn't work, help me plz.
  • ForemostForemost Member New Car Smell
    what is your PSN name, I will reach out to you.
  • Whispaz28Whispaz28 Member New Car Smell
    Hi, is it too late to sign up?
    The webpage does not work for me either.
    PSN ID: Whispaz28
  • porqchopzporqchopz Member New Car Smell
    Whispaz28 said:
    Hi, is it too late to sign up?
    The webpage does not work for me either.
    PSN ID: Whispaz28
    The AFRL is defunct.
  • F1MechanicF1Mechanic Member New Car Smell
    too bad. one of the rare week night league. It is practically impossible to find a week night league in US with a decent starting time...
  • DarkMarkXDDarkMarkXD Member Wheel Nut
    I used to run a league in AFRL, who have unfortunately stopped racing.
    I moved the league to my own one, which continues to race at 11PM UK time on Wednesdays, we have some American drivers who are able to make the races. Let me know if that's any good :)
    PSN - DarkMark_XD | Still not an F1 game BETA tester after 2 attempts | Founder of the PS4 XD Gaming Leagues
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