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Logitech G920 on Xbox One Brake Settings

I have searched all over the forums to see if anyone has posted brake settings.  I make the adjustments through Logitech Gaming Software and then plug into Xbox one and change the settings but I find the car nearly impossible to slowly stop without locking up.  The only way to fix seems to be to enable brake assist to medium.  I would rather have brake assist off.  If anyone has settings they can share it would be appreciated.  Happy Racing! 
Xbox gamertag : ackerman56 
Logitech G920


  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Co-Driver
    edited April 2017
    Run what Codies run, zero deadzone and zero linearity.

    You need to find a pressure and bias in your setup that works, otherwise you're all at sea.

    I use the G920, but I would advise removing the rubber bung from the pedal to get some travel if you use the pedals for other games. If you do not need the clutch, try left foot braking but while you are in the pedalset, swap the springs instead.

    I would add I use PC but I trust you can customise the control profiles on XB1 as well.
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  • MattAckermanMattAckerman Member New Car Smell
    I have removed the rubber stopper,  Swap clutch and brake springs?  I will give it a try and see if it helps.  Thanks
    Xbox gamertag : ackerman56 
    Logitech G920
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