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what are the rules for track acclimitization

I've been playing for more than three full seasons and still have no idea of what the rules are for scoring in the track acclimatization section. Sometimes I can go thru the a gates multiple times at what I think is exactly the same speed and angle etc and get a red circle or a green or a purple - it seems almost at random. If I don't go thru the gate OK a red circle but when I go thru dead center at speed and get a green(acceptable) rather than a purple(superior) or miss it slightly but get a purple rather than a green ???? Are there any rules other than speed? I've won 3 seasons now, 2 winning every race  generally at a medium level (hey I'm 73 don't have those quick reflexes anymore) but I do have a few tracks that I race at the hard level so I'm experienced and always get all he practice points for the other three procedures but only a few times do I get ll the available points for Track Acclimitization - can always get 30 but rarely all 50.  Any ideas??


  • Gunnar20Gunnar20 Member New Car Smell
    I tend to do more Track Acclimitisation than I do Tyre Wear. The way I see it from my experience is, that as long as you are hitting the gates at the required speed (not certain what that is precisely), it doesn't matter whether you go dead centre through the gates, or even clip them, you will get a purple either way, and just under the speed, you'll get green. Too slow, or miss the gate completely, then you will see red.
  • moriahsdadmoriahsdad Member New Car Smell

    Thanks for the comment that you don't have to go thru them perfectly, only that you are fast enough and hit any part of the gate. I sorta thought it must be something like that but it's still hard to figure out what the required speed is at times.


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