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Dirt Showdown 2 for Mobile ?

Slick1Slick1 Member New Car Smell
edited April 2 in Mobile Games
My friends & I really liked Codemasters "Dirt Showdown" with all the demolition derby games. Sadly, it hasn't worked on Steam for like two years now.  

I'd love to see a new derby car game with COOP & multiplayer that includes plenty of other fun mini-game options with derby cars like: Tag, Bowling - (ramp and try to crash into the bowling pins to score), Bullzeye - (ramp and try to crash on the target to score), Hockey (like Rocket League but with derby cars), Scavenger Hunt, King Of The Hill, Capture the Flag, etc ... you get the idea, just crazy madness fun with plenty of crazy ramps.

If not, then, at least create a fun derby demo or something?

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