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fanatec clubsports base v2.5

F1 2015 et 2016 don't work, mapping is ok but the car don't move ......tire front don't move....


  • 1512marcel1512marcel Member, Drivers Race Engineer
    PC or console? Glad you opened up this topic since I'm in the proces of buying the new base. Anyone else wjho has the new base. Would like to know if its working on the XB1 and if there is a huge difference compared to the V1 or V2 base.

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  • schummidkschummidk Member New Car Smell

    I have the CSW V2.5 on PC and have setup everything, but under Advanced setup Throttle and Brake are set to value 49 and the car does not move in game. In the driver setup everything looks fine. Anyone with same problem.

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