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Overlord 10th Anniversary

Vand3rzVand3rz Member New Car Smell
Considering that 10 years ago on the 1st of November 2007 the first Overlord game was released that would make this year the 10th Anniversary. Overlord was, of course, the first game to kickoff a different kind of franchise whereby the player is the villain and the story is full of hilarious dark humour courtesy of Rhianna Pratchett. So it's more than just the anniversary of a single game, but the whole Overlord franchise. Although it has had its lows, cough *Fellowship of  Evil* cough, its mostly been great.

Is there anything planned for this important (in gaming terms) event? Perhaps even something as minor as backwards compatibility or something more like releasing Battle Rock DLC on PC? Anything Overlord really.   
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  • Vand3rzVand3rz Member New Car Smell
    Not long to go now. I'm not really holding out any hope for something meaningful...
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