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Heavy freezing with nvidia 1070 / msi gt laptop

I'm playing F1 2016 on my msi gt62 laptop. GTX1070 GPU with 8gb.Everything was running smoothly, high framerates, no drops til today. 
Started the game and from the beginning its freezing every few seconds for several seconds. Then it runs, then it freezes again, and so on... Even in the loading screen with the red starting lights and in the menus.  
What I already did, to get rid of the problem:
- Did a nvidia driver rollback 
- checked the local steam data for errors 
- moved the installation path of f1 2016 to the 2nd hard-drive 
- disabled all kinds of running programs, such as dragon center, Norton anti virus, audio drivers etc. 

No success... 

Interestingly Project cars is running fine... 

I uploaded a short video of the problem here 


Perhaps anybody got an idea, what I can do to fix that. 

MSI GT62VR 7RE - GTX 1070   Logitech G29

Best Answer

  • heideldrumheideldrum Member, Drivers Wheel Nut
    Accepted Answer
    Ok, looks like a BIOS and firmware update did the job. 
    MSI GT62VR 7RE - GTX 1070   Logitech G29
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