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Please,I need the set up of the thrustmaster T150 FF into the F1 2016 in the following modules :

OPikachuOPikachu Member New Car Smell
Steering wheel Setup program parameters:
  • -Degree of rotation of the steering wheel
  • -Adjustments of the forces
Settings in the SET UP advanced screen F1 2016

Thanks in advance


  • EduRafEduRaf Member New Car Smell

    Wheel rotation setup. hold mode buton and press d pad to right 

     The red light will then flash:

    1 Flash - 270 degrees
    2 Flashes - 360 degrees
    3 flashes - 540 degrees
    4 flashes - 900 degrees
    5 flashes - 1080 degrees.

    In game setting:

    FFB: 70; Environmental: 50; wheel weight: 50

    Good luck!

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