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DiRT Rally literally unplayable

I literally cannot play DiRT Rally since it always freezes and then crashes whenever I get to the copyright part of the launch (not sure what it's actually called) and doesn't even give me an error message. It literally always crashes back to my desktop.

Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
Asus Z170-A mobo
GTX1070 gpu
And 16GB 2666MHz RAM

Codemasters Log - drt.exe - 11/04/2017 22:41
Save system started, save folder is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\161433042\310560\local\savegame'
Gaining focus
This is what the latest log tells me. Every other log seems to have those FALSE as well.
// DXDiag
[DX]: DxDiag_SystemInfo
[DX]:   dwOSMajorVersion - 6
[DX]:   dwOSMinorVersion - 2
[DX]:   dwOSBuildNumber - 9200
[DX]:   dwOSPlatformID - 2
[DX]:   dwDirectXVersionMajor - 12
[DX]:   dwDirectXVersionMinor - 0
[DX]:   szDirectXVersionLetter -  
[DX]:   bDebug - FALSE
[DX]:   bNECPC98 - FALSE
[DX]:   ullPhysicalMemory - 17179869184
[DX]:   ullPhysicalMemoryOS - 17124110336
[DX]:   ullUsedPageFile - 9478836224
[DX]:   ullAvailPageFile - 10195410944
[DX]:   bNetMeetingRunning - FALSE
[DX]:   bIsD3D8DebugRuntimeAvailable - FALSE
[DX]:   bIsD3DDebugRuntime - FALSE
[DX]:   bIsDInput8DebugRuntimeAvailable - FALSE
[DX]:   bIsDInput8DebugRuntime - FALSE
[DX]:   bIsDMusicDebugRuntimeAvailable - FALSE
[DX]:   bIsDMusicDebugRuntime - FALSE
[DX]:   bIsDDrawDebugRuntime - FALSE
[DX]:   bIsDPlayDebugRuntime - FALSE
[DX]:   bIsDSoundDebugRuntime - FALSE
[DX]:   nD3DDebugLevel - 0
[DX]:   nDDrawDebugLevel - 0
[DX]:   nDIDebugLevel - 0
[DX]:   nDMusicDebugLevel - 0
[DX]:   nDPlayDebugLevel - 0
[DX]:   nDSoundDebugLevel - 0
[DX]:   nDShowDebugLevel - 0


  • versediversedi Member Champion
    USB Hubs?
    What headphones/speakers are you using?
    Wheel / gamepad?
    Nvidia drivers version?
  • FeelsBadManFeelsBadMan Member New Car Smell
    edited April 2017
    Only using mobo usb ports (2 for keyboard, 1 for mouse and 1 for ext hdd)
    Using SennHeiser G4ME Zero's
    No wheel or gamepad
    And Ver 381.65 for Nvidia drivers (latest)
  • SkiddyMcCrashSkiddyMcCrash Member Champion
    Have you tried unplugging the mouse before loading the game and then disabling the mouse in game?

    Doesn't work for everybody, but has worked for some

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  • FeelsBadManFeelsBadMan Member New Car Smell
    Managed to get past the part I was stuck on after I unplugged my mouse, but then it froze and crashed instantly afterwards. 
  • SkiddyMcCrashSkiddyMcCrash Member Champion
    @Hatward ;                      

    AMD FX-8350@4.5Ghz/EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX 2/16gb RAM/OS - Win 10/Turtle Beach X11/360pad                                 View - Front Bumper Cam/No Assists

  • TiBoSu7TiBoSu7 Member New Car Smell
    Hello, did they help you to solve your problem?

  • Superd00psSuperd00ps Member Unleaded
    Unplug the external HDD. Your keyboard has 2 usb connections?
    ASRock z170 Extreme 7+, i6700K@4.6, Corsair H110i, 16G G.Skill Trident, SLi MSI GTX 1070 Gaming z 8G, 3-Way RAID0 Samsung 950/960 Pro m.2, BenQ XL2420Z, Corsair RM1000i, Corsair 750D, G27, Win10-64.
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