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2017 Bahrain Grand Prix

MBKF1MBKF1 Member Moderator
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Can't be bovvered to put together a witty post, so here ya go.

Damn good job by Valt.
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  • ImDyingYouIdiotImDyingYouIdiot Member, Drivers Champion
    Almost half a second behind Mercedes.

    You hear that?

    Yeah, that's right. It's the Ferrari hype train derailing.
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  • HughesyHughesy Member Champion
    I don't think it is. Ferrari will be faster in the race, Mercedes are always fast I'm qualifying. Great lap from Bottas though, nice to see Hamilton being friendly, but that could change in the future :joy:

    I don't think there's any doubt Bottas can be fast, but he lacks consistency. 
  • GoldenColtGoldenColt Member Team Principal
    edited April 2017
    Yep, very well done, Valtteri. It's good to see Lewis and him getting along well, but let's not get fooled here, if Valtteri starts beating Lewis more often, that relationship might cool down fast.
  • HughesyHughesy Member Champion
    Exactly my point.  ;)                      
  • couger1981couger1981 Member Race Engineer
    I think Hamilton will loose that smile if Bottas wins the race lol
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  • JiggyJiggy Member Petrol Head
    Wehrlein and Palmer were quite impressive too. Don't think anyone expected a Sauber in 13th or Palmer to be anywhere close to the top-10, let alone be in it.
  • JiggyJiggy Member Petrol Head
    Also, Massa's old ass can **** off, deliberately sped up in his out lap 15 seconds behind just to cut across Max in the final corner before starting the hot lap. Useless old never-was with an irrelevant career.
  • inspiretheworldinspiretheworld Member Petrol Head
    Ferrari have introduced this year's car with massive high speed cornering ability and Bahrain as a track doesn't really suit cars like that. It's more of a power track favouring acceleration based cars. Hench, why Mercedes are beasts. 

    Massive buzz for Bottas right now the guy done his job. Also Pascal as well to get that Sauber where it is after missing the first 2 races. Class. 

    Looking forward to the race. 

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  • MexicolaMexicola Member Race Engineer
    goddamn liberals took down my anti-Blair/Bush thread fssssssss

    uppa Bottas
  • JiggyJiggy Member Petrol Head
    Charles Leclerc just had the most amazing tightest GP2-comeback race ever, was 13th with 5 laps to go because he crazily enough gave up the lead to pit for softs and then he just overtook everybody, including leader Ghiotto in the last lap. Amazing to watch.
  • Chadwick8505Chadwick8505 Member Wheel Nut
    Vandoorne's Honda has already died... ten minutes before the start of the race. I think that's a record. 
  • HughesyHughesy Member Champion
    Honda seem to be getting worse as the years go on, when they should be improving..... Useless. 
  • HughesyHughesy Member Champion
    I said Ferrari would  be fast in the race. Hamilton seems to be struggling. 
  • HughesyHughesy Member Champion
    I think if Lewis gets a penalty that would be silly, he still lost out in the end. I said the same with Vettel pretty much starting in the middle of the road at the last race. This has been my favourite race so far, it's all very close. I'm sad that Mad Max is out though, as he's always entertaining.                      
  • JiggyJiggy Member Petrol Head
    Alonso can't wait to get to Indy.

    Kvyat and Palmer are racing like two drivers who already know that they're the two with the biggest odds to get replaced mid-season.
  • Juice29Juice29 Member Wheel Nut
    Mercedes messed up the strategy 


  • Chadwick8505Chadwick8505 Member Wheel Nut
    This just got super intense. Hamilton is charging HARD 
  • GoldenColtGoldenColt Member Team Principal

    Lewis has only himself to blame for his scrappy Q3 and blocking
    Ricciardo. Bottas is too slow in the race, which means Lewis needs to
    start infront of him and stay infront because Mercedes - contrary to
    Ferrari - are not willing to react quickly enough when it matters in
    regards to switching places.

    Ferrari are ruthless in how they treat their slower driver, Mercedes
    will have to be ruthless aswell if needed. Otherwise, they're not going
    to win this. Ferrari and Vettel looking absolutely on it. Mercedes being
    absolutely dreadful when it comes to thinking on their feet is another

  • HughesyHughesy Member Champion
    edited April 2017
    @Jiggy And the man himself liked my tweet :D

    Great race, stupid penalty. I said Ferrari would be quick, without the penalty it would have been a much more exciting end. Bottas was awful. 
  • HughesyHughesy Member Champion
    Also people booing Hamilton on the podium are ridiculous. 
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