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Starting a PS4 Championship Beginners Welcome

TaylzTaylz Member New Car Smell
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Hi Guys,
Myself and two others are starting a new F1 2016 Multiplayer championship (official calendar), beginners and intermediate racers are welcome.
The car performance is realistic, so we are happy to find a car that makes the championship equal as we are all different levels. The races will only be 25%, official qualification format & practice, pit assist off and the remaining slots will have the remaining AI racing too at a difficulty level of "Hard" or Expert depending on who we have signed up, Sim damage and Flags and Pens regular.

Also normal racing etiquette applies, so no moving under braking or weaving via the straights, as fair and as clean racing as possible :)

If anybody is interested reply here, stating whether you are a wheel user or pad and what level you are.

Or you can message me on PS4 username Taylz--.

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  • TrueRacerMicTrueRacerMic Member Wheel Nut
    I'm a wheel user and I'm a hard - expert level. What time and day are the races? Thanks :) 
  • TaylzTaylz Member New Car Smell
    Hi Mic,
    Thanks for your message, Theres no date/time set as of yet, but evenings/late evenings and weekends. We'll agree on dates/times collectively as a group so it suits all of us, if that sounds good to you? 

  • TrueRacerMicTrueRacerMic Member Wheel Nut
    Yes that sounds alright add me to the group :)
  • TrueRacerMicTrueRacerMic Member Wheel Nut
    PSN: michaelangelo779
    And Tom__669
    Add both if possible. 
  • TaylzTaylz Member New Car Smell
    Great will do, As a wheel user myself rules are that ABS and TC settings are off, If you're all ok with that.

    I'll send you both a friend request via PS4 :)
  • TaylzTaylz Member New Car Smell
    Hi Mic,

    We've seen your times via Time Trial and think you are a bit too good for us, more of a master/Legend level rather than hard - Expert, we probably wouldn't give you much of a challenge
  • TacDeltaTacDelta Member New Car Smell
    A friend and I are looking to join a league. We've never done a league before, we usually use assists, and we don't have wheels. But if you're willing to have us, we're willing to give it a shot.
  • DontrythesauceDontrythesauce Member New Car Smell
    I'm the friend. Like Tac said, we usually race with assists, but we're capable of racing without them. We'd like to join the league if possible.
  • TaylzTaylz Member New Car Smell
    Cool, if you and tac set a time on monza with the merc, preset 5, then send me a screen grab via ps4, are you wheel or pad users? 
  • FinnZevoFinnZevo Member New Car Smell
    edited April 21
    I would like to join..psn is DKGuitarStar
  • TrueRacerMicTrueRacerMic Member Wheel Nut
    My times are Legend Level... Hahahaha. Mate the league is not for me I would be way too fast it's for my dad. I just said add me too because I want to be in there
  • Arivalg1Arivalg1 Member New Car Smell
    I would like to join im a beginner i play with a wheel and i play on very easy 
  • SepPietjeSepPietje Member New Car Smell
    I would like to join. I never played in a league before. I play with a wheel at difficulty expert.
    PS Name: SepPietje
  • rixonator5000rixonator5000 Member New Car Smell
    hi guys ive been looking to join a league for awhile now i have been in leagues before and now want to get back in to it i use a pad and im high level also a clean racer. add rixonator5000 so we can get started. look forward to hearing back 
  • TaylzTaylz Member New Car Smell
    Hi Seb and rixon, could you set a lap with a merc on Monza please, preset 5 and send me a screengrab of your lap or just the time? We are starting the second race tomorrow 9:30pm but late additions are welcome, if you are a wheel user you are restricted to no traction control, manual gears and abs off please, cheers guys :)
  • TaylzTaylz Member New Car Smell
    sorry typo, Sep. Arivalg if you could do the same as the message above, that would be great, cheers. username via ps4 is Taylz--
  • Drinu299Drinu299 Member New Car Smell
    Hi! My name is Andrew and i would like to join. I am on a controller and I play on Master Difficulty. My ps4 username is Drinu299. Thanks!
  • jaimarshall07jaimarshall07 Member New Car Smell
    Pan: jaimarshall07 
    pad user
    level: expert 
  • sco7dogsco7dog Member New Car Smell
    edited April 29
    Hi, i would like to participate in this league,   Ps4 username: United-101
  • TaylzTaylz Member New Car Smell
    edited April 29
    Hello all,

    The championship has started but late entrants are welcome, The next race is China in a week and a half.

    This is a league for players who play on hard - expert so anybody setting lap times inside the top 20 in the world wouldn't be beneficial for this league.

    The teams occupied so far are Sauber (Both seats), HAAS (Both seats), Renault (Both Seats) Toro Rosso (Both Seats) Force India (one seat available) the remaining teams empty are RBR, Merc, Ferrari, Manor, McLaren & Williams.

    The league is promoting fair play between pad and wheel users whilst encouraging beginner players to join, so if you're a expert/master/legend player manor would be the most realistic option as the car performance level is realistic.

    Anybody wanting to join, just set a lap with the Mercedes on Monza using preset 5 then send a screengrab/shot to Taylz-- via ps4 of your time :)

    Wheel users are restricted to TC off, ABS off and Manual Gears only.
    Pad users can use all of the above.
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