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What's your favourite F1 Track

Favourite F1 Tracks on f1 2016?


  • likewiselikewise Member Wheel Nut
    Hockenheim for me and I'll miss it in 2017, but for all-time favourites, it's Istanbul...
  • 1512marcel1512marcel Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    Silverstone and USA for me. All time favorite in any game; Spa Franchorchamps
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  • haydn23haydn23 Member Petrol Head
    edited April 20
    Hockenheim for me. I don't rly have an all time favourite but if I had to put any circuit on my wall it would be either Monaco, Austria or Silverstone. Probably Silverstone cause I get the most for my money.

    To race with other people it has to be Silverstone, I just love it I've spent almost whole 25% races side by side and making astounding overtakes on each other.

    To drive against ai or in tt it has to be Suzuka I find it soo much fun just finding that extra hundredth here and there
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  • SeriouslySeriously Member Race Steward
    My favourite tracks are Japan (Suzuka) and Bahrain. I love the Japan GP, because it's quite challenging to get a perfect lap. I took Bahrain, because it looks stunning to drive in or actually into the night. Also like the track corners.

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  • MatthewT2001MatthewT2001 Member Wheel Nut
    To drive, Russia or Austria - love the speed of the corners - particularly T3 in Russia ☺️
  • RasmusVirtaRasmusVirta Member New Car Smell
    Red Bull Ring because it's fast and easy. Only thing I don't like there is that tyres are wearing quickly. :)
  • JP072JP072 Member Race Steward
    My ever favorite is Spa, but tracks i really dig are, bahrain,monaco,japan,russia,brasil.
    the only one i really don't like from the f1 calendar is usa. Thats also cause it's my weakest track and i didnt practice it enough.
  • massa88massa88 Member Unleaded
    edited April 20
    My is definitely Canada,But i also like Bahrain because i a lot testing there.                      
  • R4pp3rR4pp3r Member Race Steward
    Bahrain or monaco love the tight and technical of monaco but also love the fast pace of bahrain
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  • nicolas1423nicolas1423 Member Unleaded
    My favorite is Silverstone                                                         
  • inspiretheworldinspiretheworld Member Race Steward
    Most rewarding track is Monaco. 
    I like all tracks, but my all time favourite has to be Magny Cours. 
     I would love to see Valencia, Turkey, Imola, Germany ( both tracks, ) Korean, and Indianapolis return, as well as any others I've missed.
    Be great to have the choice of loads of other circuits.  
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  • VivaLaTranceVivaLaTrance Member Unleaded
    Very hard to choose, Spa and Silverstone are my favorites but I can name atleast 6 more haha.
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  • lordnukerlordnuker Member New Car Smell
    It's more or less a dead race between Spa, Mexico and Baku. I love these three tracks, and as layouts they are three very different circuits, but high speed is a common thing between them :) Yes, the Baku race was dull to watch, and like Canada, about ten rounds to many considering tires and fuel limitations. Rest of the circuits, except Monaco is okay, but Monaco is my personal nightmare for some reason. I just effings hate that circuit, start with totaling my car so i can skip it :P  
  • DiRTKiNG808DiRTKiNG808 Member Wheel Nut
    One of my all time favorites is the Japanese Grand Prix.
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  • oner7oner7 Member New Car Smell
    Istanbul and Silverstone

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  • STEFANSTEFAN Member Unleaded
    edited April 21
    Bahrain, Albert Park, Redbull ring and Magny-Cours
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Team Principal
  • AndiAndi Member, Drivers Pit Crew
    Spa and Albert Park (honorable mention to Montreal since I've played it so much).
  • ImDyingYouIdiotImDyingYouIdiot Member, Drivers Champion
    The same any self-respecting racing fan will tell you: Spa.
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  • StevomockStevomock Member Wheel Nut
    Close call between Austria, Singapore, Germany, and Japan for me.
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