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XD_Gaming_Leagues (XDGL) - New PS4 league looking for clean drivers

DarkMarkXDDarkMarkXD Member Wheel Nut
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Hi guys, I'm currently recruiting drivers for a newly created PS4 league called XDGL.

Who are XDGL?
This league is more about being a relaxed environment (rather than being super serious) where racers can meet other racers and participate in some fun but clean racing.

When do we race?
At the moment we have one league which will race every Wednesday at 11:00PM UK time,  it is due to start on the 3rd of May (we have a pre season race coming up on the 26th April, 11:00PM. Feel free to let me know if you would like to join in).
Other leagues will be added if there is enough demand.

Who can join XDGL?
Anyone who has a passion for racing can join, we welcome all levels of expertise. Beginners will find they greatly improve their race craft when participating in leagues like ours.
We are a relaxed league but at the same time we must insist that new racers will participate in a practice race so that we can identify if you can race cleanly. Any drivers who cause collisions or impede other player's races are unfortunately not the kind of people we want in our league. We also stress that respect to other drivers is paramount, anyone who causes issues will be removed from the league.

Where do I sign up?
You can check out our forums here and to sign up you will need to create an account and reply to the sign up post here

If you wish to discuss anything further, you can reply here or message me on PSN, my PSN ID is DarkMark_XD
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PSN - DarkMark_XD


  • DarkMarkXDDarkMarkXD Member Wheel Nut
    Our first race, which is a pre season race (points not included in the championship) will go ahead tonight. We have 13 racers already, but we have room for more if anyone else would like to join :smile:
    PSN - DarkMark_XD
  • DarkMarkXDDarkMarkXD Member Wheel Nut
    Hey guys, our first race is tomorrow! Let me know if you would be interested in joining :smile:

    PSN - DarkMark_XD
  • DarkMarkXDDarkMarkXD Member Wheel Nut
    First race of the season was a success, with clean and fun racing :smile: please check our forums for the race from racers perspectives.

    Please contact me if you would like to be a part of this league, spaces are nearly full in league 1 but I am happy to arrange another league if people are interested.

    Let me know if you would like more info.
    PSN - DarkMark_XD
  • Wi11iamR1999Wi11iamR1999 Member New Car Smell
    A new league has opened up and we are still looking for drivers. Sign up here - http://xdg.boards.net/thread/17/sign-league-2. The league will probably run on Monday 12am UK 
  • DarkMarkXDDarkMarkXD Member Wheel Nut
    We have only 1 spot available, our next race is tonight. Please see our forums (links in the opening post) for more information :smile:

    PSN - DarkMark_XD
  • DarkMarkXDDarkMarkXD Member Wheel Nut
    We have 1 space available in our league next race is tonight. We also are taking people for season 2, which will likely start in August/ September in line with the new game releasing.

    Please let me know if you would like to know more :smile:
    PSN - DarkMark_XD
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